Cancer in Children

Cancer in Children

Cancer in any age group can have a very negative impact and can be worrisome when the person involved is a child. Many inquiry and questions would start arising, for instance, where will my child have treatment? What should I say to family members, especially if there are children and how will they feel? Will the child be well again? Etc. Seeing your child unwell and then getting to know cancer diagnosis in a short space of time can be very upsetting. Statistics show that 4,500 children and young adults are diagnosed with cancer in the UK each year. One thousand nine hundred (1900) new cases of childhood cancer every year. Especially While the world reels from the outbreak of the recently discovered pandemic, childhood cancer is still a progression hazard in many lives of children worldwide.


Causes of Cancer in Children


Doctors don't know why kids get cancer, a genetic condition, abnormal cell growth that replicates continuously has been said to cause cancer. This cell growth is hazardous as it prevents regular operation of body systems; there is no practical way to prevent them. Down syndrome can sometimes increase the risk of cancer. Kids who have had chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer are more likely to get cancer again. 


Symptoms of cancer in children

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Progress in Childhood Cancer Treatment  

 Cancer research has improved in the last decade. This result is due to extensive resources allocated to research and development of cancer and its cure. The most notable achievement in childhood cancer treatment is the interrelation between gene damage and genetic mutation as a cause for childhood cancer.


Likewise, cancer treatment methods have benefited significantly from developments in imaging technology. Successful cancer treatments depend mainly on the early detection of possible cancer cells. Before this development, oncologists could not start treatment early enough because of non-existent imaging technology. Ultrasound technologies enable sharper detection of cancerous cells without the need for invasive surgery. 


A majority of childhood cancer efforts in curing depend on obtaining an early diagnosis. Research shows that detecting cancer in the onset stages improves the chances of successful treatment. If done well, a case will receive radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery and successfully recover from cancer. Such situations have an 80% likelihood of recovery. 


However, specialists assign symptom relief regiments in unsuccessful cases—these work by reducing the effect of cancer if untreatable.


How Parents could Help  

A parent can talk to the child in the best possible language to be calmness and explain the fact about cancer and the potential effects. This simple act will go a long way to help health workers in reassuring and assisting the children in calming and relieving any anxiety. The process could be overwhelmingly stressful for families. Support and resources are available from health organisations. 


Why Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is Important 


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. A gold ribbon symbolises the movement. This month is dedicated to raising awareness of childhood cancer to the public. Hundreds of thousands of children in the world are diagnosed with cancer yearly.


There are inadequate funding, lack of proper treatment and lack of knowledge (awareness) are some of the reasons why it is vital to get the words out there. Every major health organisation World Health Organization (WHO) with the help of governments and cancer awareness movements that help channel funding toward research. Despite all the efforts, there is still a need for more support. Researchers must look further into the capacity of existing technology to improve childhood cancer treatment. According to the AACR, research is the best defense against rising occurrences in cancer cases.  

How you can support 

As famous author Arthur Carmazzi points out, "Every action we take impacts the lives of others around us." September month, you can help celebrate and support cancer treatment endeavours by purchasing branded clothing from online stores dedicated to cancer charity contributions. Your purchase from sptwelve shop will be contributing towards the fight against childhood cancer research and awareness. Sp12shop has a large variety of classy pieces of clothing that will ensure you stay fashionable while supporting cancer treatment. Join the fight today and help beat childhood cancer.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month September

September is the childhood cancer awareness month. Please support and spread the awareness, know the symptoms and act to stop.


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